24/7 monitoring is highly recommended for all businesses that use computers.

We stay on top of technical alerts so you can stay focused on your business.

Monitoring Capabilities

Monitoring and Alerting

Deep network monitoring and immediate alerting.

Asset Management

We track your computers and devices with automated network scanning and asset discovery to provide you with a detailed inventory of your technology.

Security Monitoring

We monitor antivirus, windows patches, and can even be alerted of any changes to your network’s firewall.


Comprehensive reporting keeps your IT provider accountable to your network and provides you with detailed information on the health of your systems.

Why It’s Important

So what’s the big deal? Why should you spend money to monitor your systems?

  • Hard drive failures can cause lost data and extended downtime. However, a drive will often predict it’s failure before it goes down for good. We’ll get an alert and respond right away to keep your data safe and downtime minimal.
  • We monitor industry standard best practices for all servers and workstations. We are alerted immediately if an issue is found.
  • We generally know there’s something wrong before you do and have much better information to track down and resolve it rapidly.
  • Software tracking to ensure licensing compliance.
  • Warranty tracking so your critical servers stay In-warranty.
  • Firewall security and change monitoring


Executive Summary / Site Business Report

This provides a general overview of your network and assigns a health score so you know how it’s doing

Site Patch Summary

Shows Windows Update installation success and failure for all systems

Backup Report

Summary of success/failure of all backup jobs

Software Changes

Shows all new software installed and removed on monitored computers and servers

Warranty Status Report

Shows warranty status of all servers and workstations. Can also be used to easily see what your oldest comptuers are.

Website Monitoring

Generates a pie chart showing the uptime your company’s website had for the month

Windows Server Health

A detailed breakdown of each server with performance information in easily readable charts

Site Hardware Summary

Detailed information about your hardware


24/7 monitoring is included with managed services.

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