A Better Approach to Managing Technology

If you are unhappy with the results of your current IT solution, the problem isn’t just the symptoms you’re experiencing, like unproductive systems and assumed security risk. The root cause is the process. Or usually, a lack of one.

Process + People = Results

Experience You Can Rely On

We’ve seen great IT and terrible IT. Our team has hundreds of thousands of hours of experience across numerous industries. This guides our unique approach to strategic planning, detail-oriented system design, proactive maintenance processes, and commitment to providing a level of responsiveness that is highly regarded in our industry.

We’re Here to Help – For the Long-term

We love to hear what makes your organization tick, what advancements and challenges are pushing change within your industry, and how we might be able to help you on your next big move to differentiate yourself in the marketplace. We’re committed to a lasting partnership that promotes dialogue to solve complex issues, and takes both technology and your organization in a new direction.

Our Process

Diligent Improvement for Better Outcomes

Where IT focus goes determines the results that a client will get. It’s not enough to just fix broken equipment, deploy tools, and then hope for the best. Business-grade IT requires diligent improvement – a consistently followed schedule of proactivity and planning.

A focus on diligent improvement means concentrating on the results to the organization – higher productivity, lower risk, and IT that evolves with the changes in your organization.

Proactive Audit & Maintenance

  • Audit standards and best practices
  • Test backups
  • Security and stability updates
  • Documentation updates
  • User Check-in

Prioritized Plan

  • Review Findings and Recommended Plan
  • Update 7-year budget
  • Main Contact Check-in


  • Do the work, Q/A it, document it

1 – Proactive Audit & Maintenance

If you don’t assess the gaps between your current and desired states, how are you going to get where you want to go? Regularly scheduled auditing and maintenance of the IT environment, scheduled at least 12 months in advance, informs a prioritized improvement plan.

Industry Standards

Industry regulation requirements, increasing security risks, and growing customer demands on your IT infrastructure mean that you need to have an environment that’s strategically designed, as well as regularly maintained and audited. We’ve found that most organizations need a common set of configurations to remain secure, resilient, and effective – while also understanding that not every setting is right for every customer.

Let us cut through the noise and show you the choices that matter to you. When you work with us, you get the advantage of years of research and experience.

Best Practices

In addition to adhering to standards, all companies need a baseline of best practices to be technologically healthy and more secure. But many don’t even achieve the minimum. Neglect in this area leads to substantial external security risks, creates reoccurring performance issues, and causes loss of intellectual property or customer data.

Beyond the current baseline, we invest in the identification of best practices that lead to better productivity and security. This ongoing effort is what drives us to make improvements for clients over time.

Fanatical Documentation

At the start of a relationship, a minimum of two weeks’ worth of dedicated time is spent documenting, inventorying, and measuring your environment. We operate independently during this process and require minimal time and effort on your part.

Predictable Results Through Checklists

When building new technical implementation procedures we diligently follow auditable checklists to avoid unnecessary mistakes. Everyone operating from the same playbook provides a predictable result, no matter who is involved.

Every time we implement something new, perform maintenance, or work proactively, our team is culturally driven to follow, create, or improve our documented processes. Quality control and peer review are key elements in our work.

Real Ongoing Maintenance

Your IT equipment requires regular maintenance. Just like your car or home, you can’t neglect it. Our documented checklist of maintenance activities is regularly executed to ensure your equipment stays updated and properly maintained.

2 – A Prioritized IT Plan

Our plans come with clear organization reasons why something should or should not be done, a targeted timeframe, and clarity on the effort involved. All work is thoroughly communicated and transparently executed, so you know what’s happening in every step.

3 – Implemented & Driven for You

No need to track us down – we’ll drive the plan to completion. You’ve got enough to worry about with running your own organization. You shouldn’t also have to be the Chief Information Officer, Helpdesk Technician, Proactive Maintainer, Software Tools Master, and IT Project Manager. We own these roles so you can stay focused on what you do best.

Our People

Customer Service & Experience

Our core values purposefully lead with “Take care of the client”. We recognize that, without our customers, there would be no opportunity to practice what we love every day.

We are engaged and accountable.

We quickly take ownership of existing IT pitfalls, understand the cause and effect, and strive to take thoughtful approaches to remediation and prevent future disruption. We consider the impacts that technology changes could have on your organization’s operations, your finances, and your organization’s productivity. Technology is like a game of chess, requiring thought beyond the next move. When a change is made to your configuration, it should happen with knowledge of the overall design and to avoid a short-sighted “band-aid fix”.

Wouldn’t it be ideal if your IT provider had the passion, drive, and discipline to anticipate the possible outcomes of their actions? One that asked, “if I needed this for myself, what would I want”?

We make sure a capable person is there when you’re in need.

We know how frustrating it is when you need help and can’t find a quick response.

We hate support structures that restrict you to only leaving a voicemail, forcing a chat conversation, or providing email-only support. We place knowledgeable technicians at the front line; they respond to inbound emergency calls with eagerness to resolve your issue and answer your questions. For requests that aren’t urgent, or those you’d like to have resolved without a call, you’ll still receive the same great support experience by using our support email address or by filling out our support request form.

We set and manage expectations, clearly and often.

With our service, gone are the times where you submit a support request, receive an automated ticket creation notification, and then wait hours or days with no follow-up. Nothing is worse than having to wonder “when will someone respond?”, “did they see my request?”, “where are they?”, or “do they understand this is important?”. We’ve felt that too, and appreciate the feeling of someone actually wanting to help and telling us how they intend to do it. We tackle complex requests early by guiding others through the approach from start to finish. We recognize that it’s the little things that add up to a big difference with any service.

Great IT is about executing the basics well.

Great IT is often demonstrated through carrying out the fundamentals brilliantly. It’s not just about using the latest tools. It’s about using a proactive IT solution that understands your organization, cuts through the technology noise with expert guidance, is there when you need it, and melts into the background as your organization delivers on the promise you made to your customers.

When you work with us, you’ll feel these core values in action. Our goal is not just to fix your problem or implement our process, but also to make it an enjoyable experience.

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Are you ready for an approach to technology that’s fundamentally different?

Organized, scheduled, and consistent execution of a well-informed plan with the right people delivers a consistent and reliable result. You can expect more productivity from your team and less security risk to the organization.

Doing this consistently over time is what drives client results.

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