Be part of a growing team, loved by our clients, with many opportunities for future growth, training, and development.

Join a team that provides the highest customer support experience through standard operating procedures, well-developed support tools, and customer service-focused support staff.

We are accountable to each other and believe in the power of hard work directed at the right thing. We know that our industry doesn’t stay the same, and if we don’t increase our value to clients, someone else will. We are open-minded and candid with each other to find out what is true and consider alternative viewpoints. We believe in creating and using well-documented systems.

Be part of a growing team, loved by our clients, with many opportunities for future growth, training, and development.

What is this Position?

This position is primarily responsible for triaging inbound client tickets and alerts from monitoring systems. Inbound client requests will be prioritized and assigned to reactive support team technicians based on the nature of the request, how well that request matches the skill of the tech, and the current ticket load. Alerts from monitoring systems are to be worked on directly by reviewing the alert, merging duplicate alerts, and then fixing the problem.

This position will look for ways to prevent future alerts by solving the alert’s root cause, reducing false positives, or adding automation.

As time allows, this position may help with back-end reactive support requests as well.

Managing ticket requests and alerts is one of the most important jobs. The experience of a client’s employees will often be determined by how well we do with their reactive support, how quickly we handle it, and how positive that interaction was. 

This challenging position requires intense focus on one ticket at a time, rapidly moving from one client task to the next. The alerts may be critical and require immediate action. This position will promptly review all inbound tickets and take the appropriate action. 

This position is best for people who have a fundamental understanding of a wide array of technologies and want to use that skill to support small businesses with their entire technology stack in mind. You will have variety in work and need a broad base of technical knowledge to work effectively.

Fanatically good documentation, thoroughness, and attention to detail are critical to delivering good outcomes. The activities of this role directly impact the efficiency and capabilities of all other service delivery departments. You must be following procedures exactly, updating them, or creating them.

You must have good customer service skills and genuinely enjoy interacting with other people. If you prefer the nuts and bolts without social interaction, this is not the job for you. But if you want the satisfaction in helping other people and meeting a need that they have, you will probably do well in this role.

What Will I Be Doing?

  • Triage inbound tickets and alerts.
  • Assign inbound client request tickets to other technicians based on the nature of the request, how well that request matches the skill of the tech, and current ticket load.
  • Actively work to resolve alerts.
  • Look for ways to reduce alerts by solving the root cause of the alert, reducing false positives, or adding automation.
  • Assist with behind-the-scenes reactive support as time allows.
  • Configure, maintain, and troubleshoot computer systems, hardware, and software.
  • Escalate complex and high-time-cost issues to the next level of support.
  • Focus on finding the root cause to prevent reoccurring issues.
  • Create and discuss recommendations for process improvements during weekly meetings.
  • Reprioritize regularly and work on the highest priority item at all times.
  • Follow documented start and end-of-day routines.
  • Account for all time with detailed notes in our ticket and time management application.
  • Follow and update written procedures. Create a procedure if it does not exist.
  • Diligently document your work.
  • Meet key performance indicators to ensure customer satisfaction and efficiency.

What Skills & Abilities Are Needed?

  • Gather issue information and create an effective resolution plan.
  • Manage and regularly update all tickets assigned to you.
  • Be naturally curious with good troubleshooting skills, continue to ask why until you get to the root cause, and continue to tackle the problem from different angles until a solution is found. You should be comfortable figuring it out on your own most of the time, even if you have never seen a particular problem before. Good instincts and research skills are helpful here.
  • Be focused on providing the highest quality customer experience.
  • Work independently or in teams, manage a full schedule, and seek new tasks with minimal oversight.
  • Respect customer productivity and limit the impact of disruptive tasks.
  • Prioritize and manage a dynamic workload while working in an orderly manner.
  • Strong interpersonal communication skills via oral and written means.
  • Strong attention to detail and follow through on all work without management follow-up.
  • Be an avid learner and continuously engage with new and existing technologies.
  • Focus on providing the highest quality customer support experience.
  • Possess a strong work ethic, sense of urgency, and enthusiasm.

What Education & Experience is Needed?

  • This is a mid-level position for candidates with either a technical degree, a relevant bachelor’s degree, or relevant experience.
  • At least two years of IT support experience in either field service, help desk, or network administration positions.
  • Having prior customer service positions is helpful.
  • Having prior experience at an MSP is helpful.
  • Relevant hardware, software, and technology vendor certifications like CompTIA, Fortinet NSE, and Microsoft are a plus.
  • Active Directory administration skills are required.
  • Microsoft 365 administration skills are required.
  • Understanding of networking used in small businesses.
  • Experience with using and supporting workstation-based Windows, macOS, and Unix/Linux-based operating systems.
  • Experience with cloud-based business-grade applications and productivity platforms.
  • Have a fundamental understanding of a wide array of technologies. At a minimum, you will be asked to work with the following technologies: Traditional and Azure Active Directory, DNS, DHCP, RAID, Routers, VLANs, SSL VPN, IPSEC VPNs, Group Policy, Azure, AWS, Office 365, SMTP, RDP, and a wide array of data backup software and hardware.

What are the Hours & Where is it?

This is a remote 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday position.

In Summary

If you are an energetic people person with deep curiosity, and you have the desire to be a part of a growing team where your voice can be heard, this opportunity may be for you.

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