Create Predictable, Worthwhile Results
with Planned IT

What if you could realize the untapped potential of your organization and its employees by overcoming your restrictive, underperforming, and risky technology?

With predictable IT outcomes, you can put more focus on taking your organization to the next level. But reaching those outcomes doesn’t happen magically. It takes planning, focus, constant assessment, regular re-alignment, and vision.

Our 7 Year Plan starts you down the path of digital transformation with clarity, purpose, and strategic alignment.

Step 1: Learning About You

In order to understand where your technology needs to go, we first need to learn about what drives your organization, your market differentiators, and what you want the future to look like.

That’s why the first step we take on day one is a deep-diving conversation into your organization’s processes, objectives, and practices. Then, we can overlay our knowledge of delivering IT service with your goals.

Step 2: Assess & Stabilize

We invest significant effort into the environment discovery process and begin stabilizing your current situation while preparing your IT systems for ongoing support.

Our methodical approach covers even the most minute details. We find deep-seated deficiencies and sub-optimal configurations that cumulatively result in larger problems. We inventory every finding immediately, so we don’t miss anything when we get to the planning phase. Good data in means you get good data out. How can you know how to adjust what you don’t measure?

Step 3: Plan

At this stage, it’s time for us to show off one of our greatest strengths – and what will soon be yours. We review your goals and challenges and develop a customized plan of attack for getting your IT systems from reactive to proactive.

Our gap analysis blends your organization’s goals with our unmatched ability to prioritize a list of highly technical and complicated findings to find your “true north” IT plan. We consider every item’s benefit to the organization, the impact on operations, the improvement to security, and the cost to curate a “right-sized” approach for you.

Step 4: Review

This is where the real fun begins.

We’ll present our findings and recommendations to your team in a way that makes sense. You’ll learn more about your IT situation in a couple of hours with our team than you’ve probably ever known over the years. We’ll spend time reviewing your goals and creating a forward-thinking plan for how we’ll make it happen.

Step 5: Execute

Our team owns the execution of the plan, so you can go back to leading your team and contributing to the organization’s bottom line.

We will diligently follow the plan, assure the quality of the work, and confirm you are more than satisfied with the result.

Step 6: Manage

Goals can change. Technology will change. Your IT plan should change along with them.

Through scheduled maintenance visits, progress review sessions, and annual strategic meetings, our team stays devoted to reshaping your IT outcomes. We enhance processes, streamline operations, and keep your infrastructure in sync with your organization’s goals.


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