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Managed IT Services for Pittsburgh Small Businesses

With our award-winning Pittsburgh managed IT services, we become your IT department and proactively monitor your equipment by working behind the scenes to stop problems before they impact you. And when you need help with something, we’re there quickly with a resolution.

2024 Winner of Channel Futures MSP 501 Award

Why do you need Managed IT Services?

Better Security

Technology risk is much higher than it used to be. The best way to protect businesses is to plan and prepare before an incident occurs. Our proactive approach to auditing, maintenance, and gap analysis helps ensure our clients do not experience the consequences of insecure IT.

Better Productivity

When managed IT is diligent about following a maintenance routine, is proactive about finding problems before they become impactful, and is responsive when an issue does occur, it results in an incredibly positive impact on productivity. By proactively maintaining your IT systems, problems are often resolved before you’re even aware of them instead of waiting for problems to escalate until they become critical.

Better Planning

When was the last time you enjoyed a last-minute fire drill? We plan and budget for a client’s next seven years. We are so committed to this that it’s in our company name. You’ve never had a budget as good as the one we provide. We track every piece of IT equipment and plan for the day it will need to be replaced, list every potential project, and show costs for other IT-related expenses. You’ll know how much to budget each quarter for the next seven years. With this, you can plan effectively and more easily adjust to your own business’s cycle.

Better Managed IT Services

What makes us different? First, our intense diligence around proactive service and planning. We don’t leave it to chance or when we feel like it. Second, we have a dedicated proactive services department whose sole focus is to help identify and prevent problems and risks before they occur. Third, we schedule our work at least one year in advance. With this approach, we can deliver better security, productivity, and planning for our clients.

You have better things to do than worry about IT. Let us take care of what we do best so you can focus on what you do best.

The Four Components of Managed IT Services

vCIO IT Strategy & Planning

From personalized vCIO guidance to long-term strategy, budgeting, and risk assessment, align your IT with your business’ vision.

Proactive IT Maintenance & Auditing

Comprehensive auditing & meticulous maintenance helps business anticipate IT issues & improve security with proactive IT services.

Help Desk IT Support

Get fast, reliable, and award-winning IT support for your small business so you can focus on your business.

IT Security & Monitoring Tools

Elevate your IT defense with state-of-the-art security and monitoring tools for small businesses.

Beyond Managed IT Services

IT Consulting & Projects

We’re there for you when you need to get things done. Our IT project excellence can drive results for your business so you can focus on what you do best. We use clear quotes and a dedicated quality assurance process.

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