IT is Our Passion

How might we improve business IT security, productivity, and technology planning in meaningful ways?

In 2010, Next7 IT (then named Houk Consulting) was founded to answer these questions. To make that happen, we needed the right people and the right process.

A Team You Can Count On

Today, Next7 consists of 20 team members in various organizational roles, including helpdesk, reactive support, proactive service, planning, and projects. When you work with us, you leverage the experience of an entire IT team.

We only hire the best. With both technical ability AND customer service soft skills, our team members are as versatile as they are talented. As technology generalists, they can handle the varying needs of small to medium businesses.

Our team diligently follows our proven process. We use Quality Assurance processes to manage deliverables. We track metrics and controls to confirm that our team takes consistent actions. We fanatically document and set expectations.

As a service-first organization, we have no salespeople.

We rely on the value of the service we provide, not the persuasiveness of a salesperson. Our first and most important core value is “Take care of the customer.” We believe the rest will take care of itself.

Since our founding, we have never lost a client because of performance.
We have, however, added many because of referrals.

A Process Honed From Experience

The Next7 Process helps prevent avoidable pain caused by technology neglect. We believe that it is better to implement best practices before an avoidable technology disaster than to experience the pain of that disaster, spend time and money fixing it, and then implement all those same best practices needed to prevent the issue after the fact.

We work with companies that want to take a proactive and preventative approach to technology.

A Plan for the Future

In 2022, the company name was changed from Houk Consulting to Next7 to emphasize planning client technology needs for the next 7 years. The diligence and detail of this planning help set the companies we work with up for long-term success.

The 7 Year Plan

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We’re More Than Your Typical IT Partner

We take a genuine interest in your organization and want to help you reach your goals. Let’s start a conversation to see how we can turn good ideas into actions and help your organization move forward.

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