Next7 IT’s Core Values

Take Care of the Client

Provide the best experience at every touchpoint. Confidently take ownership and care as you would for yourself.

Effective Communication

Set expectations early. Actively listen. Be clear in a way that others can easily understand.


Be honest and forthright. Do the right thing. Operate in the client’s best interest and in the best interest of the company.


We do what we say and keep our commitments.

Extreme Open-Mindedness

Be more concerned with finding the truth than being right. Consider alternative viewpoints and solutions.

Prioritize What’s Important

The most important priority comes first. Make time for non-urgent but important work. Plan ahead.

Enthusiastic Effort Counts Twice

Talent x Enthusiastic Effort = Skills
Skills x Enthusiastic Effort = Results

Improve or Die

If we don’t increase our value to clients, someone else will. Identify areas for improvement and bring them up. Seek out knowledge and new methods. Try new things.


Well-documented systems create consistent results. Diligently follow, improve, or create procedures.

Find the Root Cause

The symptoms are not the real issue. Find the root cause. Step back and look at the issue from a broader perspective.