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Serving small businesses within a 2 hour radius of Pittsburgh, including Cleveland.
Serving small businesses within a 2 hour radius of Pittsburgh, including Cleveland.

Managed IT Services Designed for Small Business in Pittsburgh

vCIO for Managed IT Services in Pittsburgh

vCIO IT Strategy & Planning

Our Virtual CIO service offers in-depth business and technology planning, risk assessment, and prioritized action plans to propel your organization forward. A comprehensive 7-year budget meticulously tracks operating and lifecycle costs while offering data-driven improvement recommendations by quarter and year. Therefore, you gain clarity and predictability over your IT expenses.

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Proactive Prevention for Pittsburgh Managed IT Services

Proactive IT Maintenance & Auditing

We prioritize prevention over the pain of fixing consequences. During onsite and remote measures like scheduled audits, best-practice improvements, backup testing, and trend analysis, we help ensure your IT systems run smoothly and more securely.

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Help Desk IT Support

Help Desk IT Support

Receive prompt and reliable managed IT support, both onsite and remote, including vendor coordination and root cause resolution. Further, every request is handled directly by a skilled technician, and we never miss technical support calls.

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IT Security & Monitoring Tools

IT Security & Monitoring Tools

Experience the advantages of round-the-clock monitoring services, offering real-time alerts to our skilled technicians who promptly tackle and resolve issues. Our system, diligently crafted for the needs of Pittsburgh small businesses, is a product of years of dedicated development that you can benefit from on day one.

Also included is our default deployment of cutting-edge security tools, including advanced Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR), web threat filtering, monitoring, backup, and patch management.

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Every partnership starts with a good conversation.

Beyond Managed Services:
IT Consulting and Projects

We've got this. If you are looking for a hassle-free experience from start to finish and a quality work product, our expert team of IT consultants has the answer. With us, you'll always receive a detailed quote and statement of work prior to project execution, so there are no surprises. Plus, our designated project lead will check in with you weekly to provide updates. At the end, every project undergoes a thorough quality assurance check before completion.

Supplementing managed it services, we'll deliver the project work you need, with no headache. We make sure you are happy with our service.

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The Right IT Service Process +
The Right People = Results

We combine the right process with the right people, along with consistent execution, to achieve the predictable results that your organization needs. Because of this, top-performing Pittsburgh organizations choose us for expert managed IT services and IT consulting.

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Pittsburgh Managed IT Services Process from Proactive Maintenance to Implementation
2023 MSP501 Managed IT Services Award

We Care About Your Success

It's in our DNA. When our enthusiastic, highly skilled team combines with our carefully refined managed IT service process, we create exceptional results for you.

Proudly recognized as a 2023 winner of MSP 501 and one of the best MSPs in the world, we exist to help you achieve IT success and reach your Pittsburgh organization's goals.

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Managed IT Services FAQ

What size businesses do we support?

We typically support Pittsburgh businesses with 15-150 users, acting as a complete managed IT service or as a supplement to your existing IT team.

What happens during onboarding?

We have a well-defined onboarding process that heavily invests in documentation, identification of issues, and system setup so you can have a great experience. In addition, the many service transfers we’ve done from other providers give us the experience to ensure this process goes smoothly for you. As a result, we can begin supporting users in our managed IT service within the first week. Within the first 60-90 days, you’ll receive a detailed roadmap for the next seven years.

Is there a monthly minimum?

Our monthly minimum for managed IT services is $3,000/month.

How do we get support?

You can get support through the online form, by emailing us at [email protected], or by calling us at 412-573-9684.

What improvements should I expect to see?

First, we’ll baseline your environment pre-onboarding and post-onboarding so you can see the difference. Before starting the program, most new clients have an IT best practice score of around 35%. However, onboarding with us typically increases the score by 10% because we correct many issues during this time. After onboarding, we’ll create a prioritized list of recommendations, emphasizing any missing high-risk security controls. Finally, we’ll provide a score to show the results of our ongoing IT best practice audits (once per quarter). In summary, clients in our managed IT services program for several years can expect their best practice scores to increase to 85-95%.