How Adobe Sign Makes Electronic Signatures Easy

Do you wish collecting signatures for your business was easier? You likely handle dozens of signatures every week. From contractors to utility work to customer sales, these documents pile up over time. If you’re looking for a better way to manage signatures, a digital setup with Adobe Sign might be the answer.

Adobe Sign takes your signatures to the internet instead of handling them on paper. Let’s take a quick look at the service and see how it can streamline part of your everyday operations.

How Does Adobe Sign Work?

Adobe Sign, formerly EchoSign, provides one platform for managing your business’s documents and sending them out. The service lets you upload your existing Microsoft Word documents, PDFs, or other common formats. If you haven’t created the forms already, Sign lets you easily create a new form or download a template. You choose which fields the signee must fill out, and then pass the form onto them via email.

The process of signing the document is simple, too. Whenever you send off a form, the recipients get a link emailed to them. Once they open the link, Sign takes them through the document and highlights the field they must sign. Your user simply clicks these fields and types their name to create an electronic signature. Once they’ve filled them all out, they click Submit and the document heads back to you.

Once they’ve completed the signing, you get an email alert letting you know that it’s ready for review. You sign the document, and Adobe Sign automatically files it and records the entire audit trail. Each party gets a copy for their records, and you can review the status of all your documents via your Adobe Sign account.

Why Should I Use Adobe Sign?

You might wonder what benefits this service has for you. For one, using electronic signatures cuts down on paper documents. No longer do you need every client that comes through your door to sign a paper form. Email them a link to your standard document and they can sign it digitally in seconds. This saves your business money on paper and ink, plus you don’t have to store the signed documents in a filing cabinet.

Sign also uses industry-standard security protocols, so your sensitive documents are safe.

Even if you don’t often need signatures from external entities, Sign is useful for internal documents. It makes all your standard forms — like new hire onboarding and nondisclosure agreements — easy to track and send out. It doesn’t cost the signee anything to sign documents using the service, and they can even do so on their smartphone.

For businesses that process more than a few signatures a month, Adobe Sign is an excellent choice. Keeping track of everything electronically and letting people sign at their own convenience via email is incredibly useful. To find out if Adobe Sign is a good choice for your business, get in touch with us and we’ll find the best solution for you.

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