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Take Care of the Customer

Our #1 core value is “take care of the customer.” It’s the point from which all other actions flow.  Customer service is a vital support of any business. Yet, there are varying degrees of customer service that stem from a company’s culture and attitude.

At Next7 IT, we place an extremely high importance on customer service. This is what we believe about how a business should treat its clients.

Take the Time to Do the Job Right

Getting the task done is one thing, but doing it right is another. What is the root cause of this issue?  Did we step back and look at it from a different perspective?  Is this just a band-aid or did we address the real problem?  Finding the root of the issue helps prevent that same issue from returning again.  Therefore, it avoids a bad experience for the client and unnecessary work for everyone.  This can take extra time, but it’s the only way to do IT right.

Further, when an upcoming change could potentially affect your IT, we take the time to review the implications and the best course of action with you. Who and what will this change affect?  Who needs to be involved?  What costs to time and finance are there?  What is the scope of everyone’s involvement and the timeline?  A thorough analysis of changes helps prevent issues and ensure smooth transitions.

Trust but Verify

We have an exceptional group of highly qualified and customer service-oriented team members.  Still, every time we complete a ticket, the client has an opportunity to provide feedback on their experience.  We want to know how well we did on responsiveness and how well the technician did with customer service and technical resolution.  If the client isn’t completely satisfied with how we resolved their issue, we make it right.

Every client interaction should be courteous and respectful. We can get the job done and provide a good experience.

One of the most exciting parts of our job is hearing how “Next7 IT has unbelievably good service.” Every week, we review all of our client survey responses and we are humbled by the kind appreciation our clients show. Here are a few more examples:

  • “My experience with the consultation was that it was flawless. Thank you very much!!!” – Al
  • “I was very thankful for the outcome to my problem and how quickly it was resolved.  Thanks very much for the prompt service.” – Peter
  • “You all rock!! Thank you so much.” – Kathleen
  • “Next7 has been an absolute pleasure to work with, their dedication to ensuring we are taken care of is second to none.” – Tyler
  • “Every business should use Next7 – their team is consistently amazing.” – Dawn

We Handle Critical Requests Right Away

Our ticket workflow ensures that the most vital tickets get resolved quickly. For critical tickets, which involve company-wide outages, we loop the entire team into communication and keep you updated at every step. High-priority tickets, while not critical, also come before less time-sensitive requests.

This prioritization system allows us to ensure that our time is first spent on the tickets most important to you.

Managed Services Customer Service Is Symbiotic

When a relationship works well, everyone benefits.  When we take the time to resolve your issues completely and efficiently, you benefit from more reliable IT systems. In turn, we can focus on more high-value tasks since we’ve eliminated problems before they grow. Customer service is a critical component of that relationship. We understand the tremendous trust our clients place in us, and that motivates us to exceed their expectations.

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