What We Believe About Customer Support

Customer service is a vital support of any business. Unfortunately, many companies today don’t prioritize it as they should.

At Houk Consulting, we want you to know that we place an extremely high value on customer service. Here are our beliefs on how a business should treat its clients.

We Take the Time to Do the Job Right

Getting the task done is one thing, but doing it right is another. We not only complete your requests, but do it in an efficient and thorough manner.

Lackluster IT might place a bandage on your issues and look away until the problem becomes unbearable. But we seek to eliminate potential problems before they bring your business to a halt. This can take extra time, but we believe it’s worth it.

When an upcoming development could potentially affect your infrastructure, we take the time to review the implications of this and review the best course of action with you. We don’t hurriedly implement a solution just to get it over with.

Every time we complete a ticket, the employee who submitted it receives a survey. If they aren’t completely satisfied with how we resolved their issue, we make it right.


We Interact With You Professionally

As our client, we believe that every interaction you have with us should be courteous and respectful. We can get the job done and make you feel good about it in the process.

One of the most exciting parts of our job is hearing how “Houk Consulting has unbelievably good service.” This kind of feedback doesn’t come from delivering matter-of-fact service. It comes from deeply caring about the problem from the client’s perspective and solving it like we would want done for ourselves. Delivering that kind of client satisfaction is what drives us.


We Handle Critical Requests Right Away

Our ticket workflow ensures that the most vital tickets get resolved quickly. For critical tickets, which involve company-wide outages, we loop the entire team into communication and keep you updated at every step. High-priority tickets, while not critical, also come before less time-sensitive requests.

This prioritization system allows us to ensure that our time is first spent on the tickets most important to you.


We Believe Managed Services Customer Service Is Symbiotic

In our business, helping our customers is a win-win for everyone involved. When we take the time resolve your issues completely and efficiently, you benefit from more reliable IT systems. In turn, we have a more reliable infrastructure to work with as we’ve eliminated problems before they grow.

We don’t take actions that won’t benefit you. Every decision we make keeps our customers in mind. Over time, this leads to fruitful relationships, with both parties better off than they would be alone.

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