The 8 Components of Delivering Great IT Support

Have you ever wondered what a particular profession does day-to-day? Today, we’re going to take a behind the scenes look at delivering great IT support. We’ll discuss what we do every day to keep your IT infrastructure operating smoothly and what these practices do to bring value to your business.

Proactive Monitoring

Proactive IT organizations use monitoring systems to know when there is a problem, in many cases before the business is affected. Our monitoring systems are configured to detect and alert on a large variety of issues. For example, when a hard drive in a laptop starts to fail, your website stops responding, or your server goes offline, we are immediately alerted and capable of taking immediate action to address the issue, in most cases before you’re aware that there is a problem.

Proactive monitoring ensures that business owners and staff aren’t responsible for reporting critical problems and outages; we are already on top of it!

Following Best Practices

There are always multiple ways to accomplish a task. By standardizing best practices, we ensure that tasks are performed efficiently and properly, regardless of who performs the work. With observable methods of carrying out common tasks, best practices ensure that you see the same result every time a task is performed.

Utilizing best practices also involves consistent research for improvement. Consistent research ensures that we are always on top of the latest technologies.


Documentation is crucial for effectively managing an IT infrastructure. A standardized form of documentation is the best approach to managing an organization’s IT infrastructure, regardless of its size. We use the same forms to document our clients ranging in size from a one person shop to organizations with hundreds of employees.

Documentation is extremely valuable for our clients, as they can easily tune into their IT infrastructure in an easy to read, standardized form of documentation.

Whenever a change is made, a new piece of software is introduced or updated, a new account is created, or something useful is learned, we document it. This provides all of our technicians with quick access to all of a client’s critical IT infrastructure information.

Certified Technicians

All of our technicians maintain the industries latest certifications, ranging from from CompTIA A+ certification, to various Cloud applications certifications, to advanced Microsoft Server and Active Directory certifications. We ensure that we have technicians available to implement any service you desire, as well as address any type of issue that your organization encounters.

Our technicians are regularly improving their skills by obtaining new certifications which  enable us to bring knowledge of the latest and greatest technologies to your business.

Ticket Management

An effective ticketing system allows an IT organization to efficiently categorize, assign, and respond to issues while providing transparency to organizations and end users.

When an end user reaches out to us with an issue, a ticket is automatically created that contains the problem description as well as the end user’s contact information. An IT Manager immediately reviews the ticket, categorizes it based on the type of work, then assigns it to a technician best fit to work on the issue.

Once a technician is assigned, the technician and end user will receive an e-mail alert, as well as a notice on the ticketing system. The technician is then armed with all information regarding the problem and the end user contact information to reach out to the end user and effectively resolve the problem. All resolutions are documented in the ticketing system so that a recurring problem can be tracked and resolved quickly if it happens again.

Clients also have the ability to log into our ticket management console to tune into how tickets are being handled. With the ability to alert multiple technicians on ticket updates, a priority categorization system, and a status on every ticket, you can rest assured that your ticket is being addressed as soon as you submit it.

Project Management

While a lot of IT is the day-to-day handling of tickets, at times it might be necessary to set up a long-term project. Tasks such as upgrading a server, switching email providers, or physically moving business locations take up more time than an average ticket, and thus are upgraded to projects.

Projects allow much more fine-tuned control of their setup in the ticketing system. Once a project is created, it allows us to  create a timeline, assign different tasks to different technicians, and keep track of materials ordered. This gives the structure of planning while still allowing for changes along the way.

Customer Satisfaction

What would an IT service provider be without their customers? Keeping our clients satisfied is at the center of everything we do. Every ticket closed automatically sends a satisfaction survey to the end user. Whenever your issue is resolved, you can let us know how fast the response was, if you’re satisfied with the resolution, and if you have any concerns about the experience.

We are always happy to meet with our clients to discuss concerns and answer questions. Satisfaction surveys are a great way to become aware of an issue and to immediately address it.

Strategy, Planning, and Monthly Reports

In the world of technology, it’s vital to always look ahead for improvements. Our monthly reports serve to ensure that you know the status of your organization’s systems, including insight into which assets may be due for an upgrade.

With all the analytic, historical, and diagnostic information available to us, we’re able to intelligently craft a unique plan for your business.

Behind the Scenes of Great IT

You just finished your behind the scenes look at delivering great IT support. We discussed what we do every day to keep your IT infrastructure operating smoothly and what these practices do to bring value to your business. If you’re interested in more information like this, we invite you to review our process.

If our behind the scenes overview has you wondering if your current IT provider is doing these things for you, why not give us a call to see if we can bring our excellent process to your company? We’d be thrilled to deliver great IT support to your organization!

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