Backing up your business’s computers is essential. In the digital age, there’s more data kept on our machines than ever before. No matter what industry you work in, backing up saves your company from lost information or ransomware attacks. Sooner or later, hard drives will die.

Both Windows and Mac have backup utilities built-in, but there’s a better solution. Let’s take a look at why CrashPlan Pro for small businesses worthwhile.

Continuous Backup and Saved Versions

Backing up ensures your data loses are minimal, so you’ll naturally want the most recent copy of the backed-up information in case of loss. Some backup services run only every few hours, which could set you back quite a bit if you’ve been working on a document for a while.

CrashPlan runs continuously, which means that when you hit Save on a document, it gets sent right to CrashPlan. You don’t have to open up the program and manually start the backup. It all runs in the background on its own without bothering you — just the way backup should be.

Sometimes you delete files or make changes by accident. Don’t worry — CrashPlan has you covered there, too. It keeps deleted files forever, so you can restore something even months after you thought it was gone. You can also configure CrashPlan to keep as many versions of files as you wish. So if you save something five times, CrashPlan can keep all five copies. This allows you to jump back in time and restore any one version if you change your mind.

An Easy-to-Manage Interface

CrashPlan’s desktop program is easy to understand, so anyone can restore data without needing assistance from IT. The tool also includes a powerful management dashboard that lets your IT team stay on top of most CrashPlan functions no matter where they are. If IT needs to make changes to a computer’s backup settings, they can handle that remotely without bothering the user.

CrashPlan provides programs for Windows and Mac, plus mobile apps that let you manage your backed-up files in case of emergency.

Unlimited Backup

Paying for a backup service isn’t fun — you don’t get any tangible benefits when you purchase. But the money spent on backup pays for itself in an instant when an employee’s machine dies. Instead of losing precious data, it can be restored in minutes on a new computer.

Unlike other backup services, it lets you back up an unlimited amount of data. Whether your company’s data consists mainly of Word documents and Excel spreadsheets or you have hundreds of gigabytes of engineering drawings or HD video, CrashPlan keeps it all safe at one flat price. You won’t have to worry about going over your allowance and paying more.

Your Best Backup Solution

These are just some of the reasons that CrashPlan Pro for small business is a great solution for your business’s backup needs. Your information is protected by industry-standard encryption, and you can even back up to multiple locations at once. By backing up to an external hard drive as well as the CrashPlan cloud, your data is safe even in case of a physical disaster like a fire.

We include a license of Crashplan unlimited data backup for each of our Managed Services clients.

If you’re not happy with your current backup software or aren’t backing up your company’s data, now is the time to talk with us about switching. Let’s find out if CrashPlan is the right backup plan for you.

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