How DNSFilter Provides a Powerful First Line of Defense

With the many threats facing businesses today, one layer of security simply isn’t enough. Because of this, your IT department uses various tools to protect your network and its machines from attack.

One new layer that we’re excited to offer is DNSFilter. Let’s look at this tool and see how it boosts your security.

What Is DNSFilter?

DNSFilter is a cloud security platform that forms a first line of defense against threats to your company. Other security measures, such as antivirus programs on workstations or physical firewalls, are of course important. But DNSFilter forms a defensive line at the first port of call for any traffic entering or leaving your network — DNS.

We mentioned DNS when we discussed how connecting to a website works. Essentially, DNS translates human-friendly website names (like into computer-friendly IP addresses (like Any potential attack on your network must go through DNS first, so securing it is vital to defense.

Thus, adding DNSFilter is like putting an armed guard at the entrance to your network. And if anything does manage to get in, Umbrella prevents it from calling home.

Easy Deployment

Many security tools are difficult to implement, requiring lots of configuration and setup. This isn’t the case with DNSFilter — most users report that they can set it up for a new customer in about an hour. It’s also easy to scale, so your IT provider can introduce it to new clients without additional burden.

It’s also simple to set up the service for customers worldwide. So, even secondary business locations worldwide can enjoy the same protection with minimal hassle.

Reduce Malware Attacks

Of course, the big reason to use DNSFilter is to increase security. This is a win-win for everyone involved; your company won’t suffer from potentially damaging attacks, while your IT provider doesn’t have to dedicate as much time to malware cleaning tasks.

DNSFilter has a vast amount of internet traffic data at its fingertips, with hundreds of billions of DNS requests going through its servers per day. This data pool allows it to identify and neutralize threats before they become an issue quickly.

Powerful Filtering

DNSFilter Cyber Attack Stats

DNSFilter includes options to filter various kinds of malware. These include phishing attacks, which attempt to trick people into handing over personal details, and suspicious websites.

One important and timely filtering option blocks cryptomining. This new type of malware uses your computer’s resources to mine for cryptocurrency like Bitcoin. It’s a waste and is usually done without consent, so blocking it is important.

DNSFilter also doesn’t scan domains known to be safe, which would only slow down your users’ traffic. Instead, it intelligently scans when needed, ensuring that you experience minimal slowdown.

Other Important Features

DNSFilter’s powerful reporting features let you quickly figure out where threats came from so you can take action if needed. With its multiple points of protection, your employees stay protected no matter what device or network they’re using, even if they’re offsite and not using a work VPN.

And since it’s all based in the cloud, you don’t have to worry about your own hardware becoming a bottleneck. You rely on DNSFilter’s powerful infrastructure with it.

Overall, DNSFilter provides small businesses a simple, powerful, and scalable security solution. With easy setup, powerful reporting, and protection everywhere, it’s vital to keeping your network safe. Getting such incredible benefits is rare for relatively little work and cost.

Contact us today if you’d like to talk about DNSFilter for your business.

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