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If you are like many, you get a lot of email. And while a mailbox that gets a ton of spam will benefit from Outlook’s default setting to block all images in the message, if you already have a good spam solution, this is probably overkill. Now you can choose the option to “download pictures” or “add sender to safe senders list” for each message, but that can be a lot of legwork if you order a lot of product from different vendors or just in general receive mail from a lot of different folks.

Example email:

So, to set Outlook to always display pictures by default (again, only do this if you have a good spam filter), follow these steps:

  • From Outlook, click File, Options
  • Click Trust Center
  • Click the “Trust Center Settings” button
  • On the “Automatic Download” tab, uncheck the option “Don’t download pictures automatically in HTML e-mail messages or RSS items.

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