How to Troubleshoot Google Chrome When It Doesn’t Run Properly


While Chrome is the world’s most popular browser, it’s not perfect. If you’re having an issue with Chrome crashing or chugging along, you can switch to another browser, but that’s not a long-term solution if you rely on it. Let’s walk through troubleshooting fixes for when Chrome isn’t working right, so you can get the […]

Why You Should Be Careful About the Browser Extensions You Use


Browser extensions are a handy way to add more functionality to your favorite browser. And while there are a ton of them available, it’s wise to exercise restraint in what you install. Let’s take a look at why you should be careful with browser extensions, and the potential risks they pose. Understanding Browser Extension Permissions […]

How Does Your Browser Know Websites Are Secure?


You’ve probably noticed that your browser marks websites as Secure, Not Secure, or even warns you about imminent danger when you visit one. Have you ever wondered how it knows about the safety of websites like this? Let’s look at website security certificates and how your browser determines this information. Understanding HTTP and HTPS We […]

4 Chrome Browser Alternatives That Are Worth a Try

Google Chrome is by far the world’s most popular browser, with nearly a 70% share of the desktop browser market at the time of writing. And while Chrome is definitely a fine browser, it’s not perfect. Chrome is known to consume a lot of memory, which can be a burden on older machines. Even more […]

Meet DuckDuckGo, the Private Alternative to Google

There’s no question that Google is the most popular search engine by a mile. It hovers around 90% usage share, making other engines like Bing and Yahoo nearly irrelevant. But while Google powerful, it isn’t perfect. One of the biggest criticisms of the service is how much data Google collects about you from what you […]

How Does Google Work?

Searching the web with Google is a part of almost everyone’s daily routine. It’s easy to find any information you could want in just a few keystrokes. But have you ever wondered just how search engines like Google actually work? Let’s take a look at the inner workings of Google and see how it knows […]

Why Is Google Chrome Marking Websites as Not Secure?

If you use Google Chrome, you might notice a small but significant change soon. The browser is now starting to mark certain websites as Not Secure, while you’ll no longer see a Secure message on other sites soon. Why is Chrome doing this, and what does it mean for you? Let’s find out. HTTP and […]

4 Browser Security Dangers to Know About

Modern browsers contain plenty of convenient features. From automatic spellcheck to page translation, there’s so much functionality that it’s easy to forget about browser security. Let’s take a look at a few different potentially dangerous aspects of a web browser that could compromise your security or personal information. Browser Autofill Exploit It’s recently come to light that […]