What You Should Know About Microsoft 365’s New Pricing


Before long, the pricing for Microsoft 365’s business plans is set to increase. The company released a blog post about this in August 2021, and the changes are taking effect soon. Let’s review the pricing increase for Microsoft 365 and see how the service has evolved since its release to provide more value. How Much […]

How to Keep Your Microsoft 365 Account Secure

Keys in hand

If your company uses Microsoft 365 for email, Office apps, and other services, it’s important to make sure your Microsoft account is protected. There’s a lot of information behind it that you don’t want outside parties to access. Let’s go over some of the ways to increase the strength of your Microsoft 365 account security. […]

How Microsoft 365 Enables Collaboration in Office Apps


You might think of Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint as tools that you mostly use alone. But with Microsoft 365, these Office apps has lots of collaboration options that help you easily work on documents with others on your team. Let’s take a look at the most useful collaboration features in Microsoft Word, Excel, and […]

4 Neat Microsoft Word Features You Might Not Know About


Most people use Microsoft Word at least occasionally, and while the basics are easy enough to understand, Word hides a lot of functionality that you might not know about. Let’s highlight some of the useful Word features you may not have discovered yet. 1. Useful Options on the Right-Click Menu As you’re working on your […]

5 Great Microsoft Word Tips for Better Productivity

Many people use Microsoft Word every day for their job or personal tasks, but few take advantage of its depth of features. If you use Word all the time, it pays to know the most useful tricks to get more out of it. Below are some tips to help make Word more efficient, powerful, and […]

Why You Should Give the Outlook Smartphone App a Try

Today, you rarely access email on just one device. If you’re like most business employees, you have an email app on your phone for managing your inbox on-the-go. If you don’t already use it, the Outlook app available for Android and iPhone is really solid and worth using. Let’s look at the app and some […]

The Confusing Office 2019 and Office 365 Licensing Scheme, Explained

Microsoft Office is standard software used in a majority of corporate environments. While Microsoft used to primarily sell Office as a one-time purchase, it’s now pushing the Office 365 option. With Office 2019 on the horizon, Microsoft has introduced several new restrictions and changes that might leave you confused. We’re here to break down Office’s […]

5 Ways Office 365 Mail Beats POP Email

Your business has plenty of choices for email. For instance, Google Apps and Office 365 are two popular choices from big providers. However, many companies stick with inexpensive POP email, often provided through a website host, to keep costs down. While POP email is functional, it pales in comparison to what Office 365 offers. Just […]

How to Customize Outlook For Greater Productivity

Everyone uses email in the workplace these days, and it drives nearly everyone crazy. You probably receive hundreds of email messages every day. Left unchecked, this barrage of email can take over your day and reduce your productivity. Thankfully, with some adjustments you can prevent that from happening. Let’s take a look at some specific […]

How to Use Microsoft OneNote

Note-taking is an important activity for a lot of people. It’s impossible to remember everything important, so jotting it down helps you keep track of to-do lists, project schedules, and more. If you’re interested in moving your notes to the digital realm, there’s no better tool than Microsoft OneNote. Let’s take a look at how […]